Wednesday, 30 May 2012

"Tis the Season" - Seasonal Decorating

 My "happy place" in 
Prince Edward Island.

 When we hear the term seasonal decorating, we often associate it with a holiday celebration.  I would like to broaden your thinking about the term as I share with you some great ways to update your home decor depending on the time of year.

I just completed my "Spring Change Over" as I like to call it.  Every spring, I remove the dark, jewel-toned bedding, pillows and copper drapes from our master bedroom to a plain white quilted coverlet and drapes.  I accent with sand pillows and add light airy accents to the room.

The main walls in our master are a sage green colour so both looks work equally well.  Something to keep in mind when choosing a paint colour.  I love the summer fresh feeling when I enter the room and it brings me joy to welcome the Season of Summer into my home.  The space is calm and cool and the materials themselves are lighter for summer sleeping.

Then, after 5 months or so, I am ready to welcome the coziness of fall back into the space.  Bringing back in the warm, dark tones that are down to earth and reflecting our need to stay warm and cozy for winter!  

This way I have two looks in one year and it prevents me from getting tired of any one look.  I often perform my Spring Change Over when I switch my closets from winter to summer clothing.  It is very exciting to invite this widely anticipated season back into our family household!

Likewise, a few other rooms in my home get "seasonal updates".  I often swap out the textured furry pillows and throws for lighter summer fabrics.  Having pillow covers will allow for a quick change without replacing the entire toss cushion.  And you can even find pillow covers at the Dollar Store now!  

Then I add shells or other summer-like items to some of the centrepieces and switch up our family portraits for our latest beach shots.  I usually cut some fresh lilacs from the garden to bring the smells of spring into the house.  These Spring/Summer items are inexpensive or often free so why not display them to enjoy all summer long.

If we only get 4-5 months to enjoy this season, why not love it whether you are inside or out!!

  My husband's "happy place"
 in Cape Breton.

We are so lucky to share the best places in the world with our children.  Hooray for Summer!

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