Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Know someone who has just moved? Here are some helpful hints!

No Place Like Home
As I am in my fourth home in only seven years, I can understand that overwhelming feeling of wanting to feel settled and at Home in your new place.  Whether it is your first home or fourth, here are some helpful tips when feathering your new nest:
§  Moving is a great time to go through clothes, papers, and unused items.  Now is the time to sell, donate, or throw away.  Having said that, keep in mind items that may simply need repurposing and may come in handy with new uses in mind.  A dresser in a bathroom to hold towels and toiletries or a bench at the foot of a bed instead of at the front door.  Use your imagination and save money!
§  If you are trying to decide on colors, think of items you already own that you love.  Pick a color out of your favourite rug or painting as inspiration.  If you like keeping up with current color trends, try using more neutral tones in the main areas of the house and add color with accent pieces.  Change a few items or paint an accent wall instead of investing in a whole new paint job when inspired by a new color.
§  Allow time to live in the space before buying new items.  If waiting is not an option, taking a picture from all 4 corners of the room to get a feel of the room.  Knowing where to splurge and where to save make a big difference!
§  Look at the architectural lines in the rooms.  This will help you place furniture accordingly.  Is there a bulkhead, an archway, or a focal point like a fireplace?  Allow room for good conversation, traffic flow and placing objects within reach.
§  Form always follows function.  What will you do in the room?  Play, watch tv, cook or read?  Making the room cozy and inviting is important, but it needs to be useable!
§  Know your style.  Look at items you currently own.  Are you more traditional or modern?  Combining styles is okay, however, one style should dictate most of the home.  A mishmash of styles tends to look cluttered and dated.
§  Remember there is no place like home.  Do not underestimate the powerful effect your environment has on you.  Embrace your Space!!

A simple consultation will give you all the details you need to know!   Or hire Julie to help you to place furniture, hang art, and display accessories while you spend time organizing your kitchen cupboards, your closet, or simply getting shopping done and school activities planned with your family.  Monarch Interiors will make your house feel like a home in no time! 

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Tuesday, 16 August 2011


This is my first time blogging so we'll see how this works!!  I am hoping by adding a blog page onto the current webpage for I will be able to give some useful tips and tricks to anyone out there interested in redesign, decorating, and real estate staging.  Also, it is a wonderful way to start a Q&A page.