Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The importance of Texture and Layers......

Today I would like to discuss the importance of Texture and layering when decorating.  Furnishings and color are usually decided first when redesigning a room, but do not underestimate the power of texture.
Smooth shiny surfaces, mirrored surfaces, fur, woven textiles, silks, patterns, beads,  shaggy rugs, etc.  all give a different feel to the space through texture. 
Different layers of various textures bring style and interest to the space and add warmth.  This is especially true when using a monochromatic color scheme.  Various shades of a similar color need texture to warm up the space and add depth.  If you feel your space is feeling cold, think of various textured pieces that will invite your guests inside.
For example, this week I am putting together a master bedroom for a couple that just moved in.  So far, we have warm dark rich wood furniture and a soft blue color for the walls.  I choose a silky blue duvet and will be adding layers of texture to the bedding. A cream quilt coverlet for the bottom of the bed and various cushions in wool, silk, and silver sequence with add interest to the smooth blue duvet.  Both large euro pillows and long rectangular pillows add different shapes and texture to the bed.  We will have a smooth shiny mirror above the large dresser and hints of silver in the curtains, chair, and new light fixture to add another texture and color to the space.  The bedside table will have lamps that are clear glass with a textured shade in a woven cream.  Other hints of the cream color will be added through a throw blanket, long cream branches in the corner and some tall grasses in a pearl vase in the ensuite.
Besides texture, remember to add various groupings together in a stepped and layered effect.  For example, on a bedside table, you could have a lamp, then a mid-sized vase, followed by a small frame.  Or a Lamp, mid sized frame, and then small candle.  Adding various heights and layering the items in front of each other are appealing to the eye and add to the overall look in the space.  Try practicing with texture and shapes by moving some pieces you already own around and see if you notice a difference!